Have questions about WoodMaster outdoor furnaces, furnace installation, maintenance and more? Below are some common questions asked by WoodMaster owners and potential owners, and answers to those questions.

Who is WoodMaster?

WoodMaster furnaces are manufactured in Minnesota. Since 1989, WoodMaster has built industry-leading outdoor furnaces, continually finding innovative uses of natural energy and alternative fuel sources.

What is a WoodMaster outdoor furnace?

An outdoor wood furnace is used to heat a home, shop, garage, water or other buildings. The furnace is installed outside, away from the home or building being heated. Check out our How It Works page to learn more.

What types of furnaces do you offer?

Residential and commercial outdoor wood and corn/wood pellet furnaces. Learn more about all models of WoodMaster outdoor furnaces.

Can your furnaces heat multiple buildings?

Yes, our outdoor furnaces have the ability to heat multiple buildings plus water.

How does a WoodMaster furnace heat my building(s) and water?

A water jacket surrounds the furnace firebox and heat exchanger, and heated water is circulated to the home or building through insulated underground pipes, an efficient way to move heat over distances. WoodMaster outdoor furnaces are designed to work with any existing heating system. Water-to-air or water-to-water heat exchangers or direct circulation conveys the heat into the structure’s forced-air furnace, boiler or radiant floor heating system. This allows you normal thermostatic control. Visit our How It Works page to learn more.

How do I know which furnace will fit my heating needs best?

We recommend the furnace be sized on heating requirements rather than square footage. You can use our Savings and Sizing Calculator to help you determine the proper furnace size. Your local dealer can also help you properly size the furnace based on your heating needs. You can find your local dealer on our Dealer Locator.

How do the dimensions compare between models?

Maxim Furnace Dimensions

Traditional Furnace Dimensions

CleanFire Furnace Dimensions

Where can I get technical support for my furnace?

Technical information, troubleshooting articles, owner’s manuals and parts information is available on WoodMaster’s Online Support Center When you enter your serial number, you’ll get information specific to your furnace.

Your local WoodMaster dealer is also a great resource for support. You can find your local dealer using our Dealer Locator.

How do I find pricing and purchase a furnace?

Pricing will vary depending on shipping and options. Your local WoodMaster dealer will be able to provide you with a quote based on your heating needs. Visit the Dealer Locator to find a WoodMaster dealer near you, or submit the Get Pricing form for a quote.

Does it work without electricity?

WoodMaster furnaces do need electricity to operate; however, a small generator will operate the outdoor furnace in the event of a power outage.

What kind of warranty is available?

An optional 25-year limited warranty is available on the CleanFire and Traditional Titanium outdoor wood furnaces that are registered at the time of purchase (including corrosion coverage).

The Maxim is eligible for a 5-year limited warranty.

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