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We have the CleanFire 500 and I can describe how well this unit works in three words, “Kind of Amazing”! I have been burning wood for over a half century, in 7 different stoves, this one is easily the best and easiest to operate. What I put in for wood (amount & type) comes out in heat, no guess work, and the burn times are incredible! (No more having to get up at midnight to refire, just because it’s 10-below zero outside!) Love that! Finally, I have real peace of mind, knowing that the way this unit is made and how well it works, it will be the last one I will ever need to purchase! Thank You!

– Philip K.

Works great with routine maintenance and care. Saves a lot of money over propane for a large old farmhouse.

– Ray A.

I have been using mine for eleven seasons, it is the best home heating source I have ever used (I’m 76).
It keeps the mess and bugs outside and not in the house.
It is much safer to have the heating plant away from the house, the insurance companies also like it.

– Prentice D.

Having two previous outdoor furnaces, I can say without a doubt, my WoodMaster furnace is by far the best on the market.

– Paul F.

We have been using our WoodMaster outdoor stove since 2002-2003 and we love it! It had reduced our propane usage to only one 500 gallon tank per year and that is primarily for heating our hot water when the stove is not in operation!

– Robert A.

I have been using my WoodMaster for 15 + years. It provides great heat. If you have a wood source and time it is best heat from a renewal source.

– Evan M.

I had a 4400 for 14 years and liked it. There has been a learning curve on my new Clean Fire 700, especially burning green wood but I have passed that now. My new 700 is burning 50%-60% less wood than the old 4400 while putting out as much or more heat.
I am liking my new furnace a lot 🙂

– Randy E.

I sell firewood and end up with odd pieces of wood that I can’t sell and it’s great to save money on heating my home and garage for very little money with this wood.

– John G.

I’ve had my WoodMaster for 15 years. The only parts I’ve had to change are the fiberglass seal on the door; and the water volume warning light. (knock on wood). Very happy with it.

– Alan T.

I have had a WoodMaster for 10 + yrs, originally I bought a wood boiler because I had so many trees die from a beetle infestation and I wanted to get rid of the dead trees, but the efficiency of wood stove and the money I saved has made it one of the best choices I have made.

– Jim H.

I purchased a WM4400 from a local dealer and absolutely love the unit. It completely eliminates the need for me to use the propane back-up as a fuel source. The unit is simple in its design and operates very efficiently in its wood consumption.
I use it to heat a 2500 sq ft ranch home with radiant heat in the basement floor. In addition to the home I also heat a 1200 sq ft garage with in floor radiant heat. Living in Michigan the unit only requires loading two times a day on the coldest days of the year. I estimate it saving me approximately $2,500 in fuel cost annually.

I would strongly recommend a WoodMaster unit for any heating needs.

– George S.

This has kept our 1600 sq. ft. 2 story home warm and water hot for over 13 winters and temps as low as -30°F with only a couple of fan replacements.

– Craig S.

An inexpensive alternative to heating became a high priority when we moved to the country.

With our WoodMaster, we have discovered a brotherhood of outdoor wood burning owners. The wonderful family adventures of being ‘gatherers’ of fuel have brought our family closer. So far we have realized savings of thousands of dollars in propane. I highly recommend a WoodMaster outdoor wood furnace.

– Mark T

We got our WoodMaster in 2003, and it saved us about $1,000 the first winter in propane.
We burn mostly slab wood, dead falls and scrap trees from our pasture.

– Bernard Hanson

I have used the furnace for one full winter now. The heat is a soft heat, and I had the house warmer than with oil heat. It’s great!

– Bernie Petrie

We’re not sure we would trade our WoodMaster for anything!

We have a good-sized home and a full basement, and our WoodMaster heats all of it. It’s simple, convenient, and we recommend it to anyone. We just love it!

– Joe & Cathy Cornella

The WoodMaster furnace is ideal for my family. It doesn’t cause a mess in the house, and it saves money as we have plenty of wood in our location!

– Mike Marshall

My house in Helena is about 4,000 square feet and is mainly heated by my WoodMaster.

We just finished the woodshed next to the boiler, and it should be a great winter.

– Bruce Anfinson

When we decided to build the house of our dreams, we knew we would get a WoodMaster furnace.

Nothing beats the heat from wood: warmth without all the mess. We love our WoodMaster!

– Scott, Tina, Collin & Cody Forth

Love our stove! We are always warm. The electric company does not smile as much as they go to the bank from our bill. God bless you!

– Don Paiter

We love our WoodMaster! We burned more than 2,200 gallons of oil in the 2007-2008 heating season and only a few gallons in the 2008-2009 heating season after installing our WoodMaster.

– Dewey Sheaffer

After a long day of work, my dog Blazer and I breathe the wonderful aroma of burning wood in the crisp air as we check our WoodMaster.
I am a very proud owner of a WoodMaster furnace.

– Saleem Khan

We are 75 and 78 years YOUNG, and we cut, buzz and split our own wood. We really love this outdoor furnace and have been looking for this type of stove for a long time.

– Mr. and Mrs. Dale Nelson

We have the largest house in our country neighborhood. The house is more than 4,000 square feet with more than 80 windows covering three floors.
Until we purchased our WoodMaster, we were spending more than $4,000 per year on propane. I purchased a total of seven cords of wood for $840 total. Even by purchasing the wood instead of cutting it ourselves, we will see a savings of $3,200 each year.

– Brian & Keri Eilar

It is so nice having this outdoor wood stove! We just love it! We don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night anymore to add wood.
It heats our water heater so we have an endless supply of hot water all year long! We can go places and be gone all day and not worry about our stove going out…and all the kids are happier, too, because they don’t have to carry wood into the house anymore.

– Roy Forsblade

We have been providing primary heat in our home with an air-to-air heat pump and two fireplaces. When air temperature drops to 15° F or lower, the heat pump is too costly to operate.
The fireplaces require wood every three to four hours. The WoodMaster 4400 was our solution. Performance exceeded our expectations! The uninterrupted night’s rest and a 75 percent reduction in heating costs make our WoodMaster an exceptional value.

– Steve and Mary Rudowski

The main reasons for purchasing the WoodMaster were to heat our home, pool and water.

We had not seriously considered an outdoor wood furnace after seeing all the ‘smokers’ around the countryside, but after inspecting several working WoodMaster furnaces, our minds were made up that this was the way to go.

– Rob, Deb and Luke Hawkins

Our WoodMaster means that the mess, the bugs and the ashes stay outside the house.

We are very happy with our furnace.

– Ken Brandt

After numerous years of rising LP costs, we began investigating other options of economical heat sources.

We decided on the WoodMaster outdoor wood furnace and are extremely happy with our purchase. The benefits we enjoy most from our WoodMaster are no longer having an LP gas bill, warmer heat and more hot water to accommodate our family of five and our showers, laundry and heated whirlpool tub.

– Bob, Michelle, Alex, Grant and Vanessa Veerkamp

I purchased the WoodMaster last season, and I’ll tell you, we love it.

We have hot water heat in our home now, and it has sure saved a lot on gas bills. I also have the domestic hot water hooked up to it, which is great for having an unlimited supply of hot water.

– James Popson

What I like most about our WoodMaster is that it has cut our propane use by 80 percent. My family loves it because I never complain about what the thermostat is set on!

– Gorden Emmert

This is our second winter using the WoodMaster 4400. We love it! It keeps us warm on those cold winter Michigan days and nights. Thanks for such a great stove!

– Gary & Annette Nelson Sr.

The WoodMaster has been the ‘just right’ answer for our place in southeast Alaska with the high fuel costs. The large firebox and door on the WoodMaster 4400 makes loading wood easy, and I can load enough wood in the evening to hold a fire all night. Thanks for a great product.

– Edward Steward

My two sons and I each own a WoodMaster and love it! They are great, and we would own nothing else!

– Ed Chestney

I felt compelled to write about my 4400 stove I bought from Arnie’s in Rice, Minnesota back in 2006. I can’t think of the words to describe how much I love this stove. The winter of 08-09, propane prices where at $2.59 per gallon. I would have used about $7,459 to heat my home just in one winter using propane… just about $1,000 more, and you have the cost I paid for my stove, including installation.

The wood comes from my land, so even that is basically free. Simply put, if I didn’t have a wood stove, I would have to move from my hobby farm. Thank you WoodMaster for allowing me (in a roundabout way) to stay in my home (my warm home, actually). My savings since purchasing my stove in 2006 is more than $20,000 in heating costs!

– Steven Wallen

This is a great product! A great American-made wood furnace. We love our WoodMaster stove!

– Ben

Keep up the excellent work with these stoves. Ours is on its tenth flawless season of operation I believe and with the prices of propane these days I think its payed for itself a couple of times by now for sure. Not to mention the quality time I spend cutting/stacking wood with my 3 year old son, its nearly priceless and by far hands down the best investment we’ve made in our home since we built it in 2004.

– Chad & Theresa Walters

I wanted to say thanks for making such a great product. I have had our outdoor furnace for almost five years and have NOT regretted one minute of it. We have four children, and our furnace not only heats our home, but also provides endless hot water. I have been asked, ‘How could you afford it?’ I always respond, ‘How can you afford not to have one?’ My wife and I know that this furnace has saved us enough money in four years to pay for itself! Our furnace runs 365 days a year.

– Robert Shaffer

Your product heats our 5,600 square foot home on one fill-up every 28 hours at 10 degrees outside. Very, very efficient!

– John Acraro

I have been blown away in the short time I’ve had my MF4400 installed. I wish I would have done this years ago!

– Randy R.

Two words describe how I feel about this furnace: Love It!

– Byrin

We have used our WoodMaster stove for approximently one month and the cost of our electrical bill was -$400 difference from last December. We are so impressed with our new product.

– Gary Bruce

After this bitter cold brutal winter and owning our WoodMaster 4400 furnace for four years we are very pleased with our purchase. We have used zero propane in four years and it continues to keep us toasty. You manufacture a quality product made in the U.S.A. I brag on my furnace to my buddies at the coffee shop every chance I have.

– Dan Tucker

Purchased my WoodMaster Model 3300 July 2004 and did the install myself. The unit is heating a 2080 sq ft house with heat exchangers for the 3 zone hot water baseboard heat system and the hot water heater tank. Temp last night 12 below and right now 5 below. Just came back in from feeding some wood and thought “God I love that WoodMaster”. Almost owned 10 years and the only maintenance was a busted bolt on the flue control.Wish I could say other stuff is built as well…cars, RV’s, dental crowns, etc. Just want to say THANK YOU, best $4 k I’ve every spent.

– Tom Semling

We are very pleased with our furnace, and I would highly recommend WoodMaster!

– Kenneth Thomas

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