Stryker Log Splitters

Self-contained, 3-point hitch and skidsteer mount log splitters.

Every Stryker Log Splitter is…

A 2-way Log Splitter: All Stryker log splitters feature the hallmark 2-way splitting action, splitting on both the forward and reverse stroke, and doubling productivity.
Built to Last: A standard splitter has very little bearing area, which is often steel or brass on steel. This makes edges sharp and causes power-robbing friction. The Stryker log splitter has four replaceable plastic sliders. One square foot per side gives a huge bearing area and lasts for years.
Efficient: The Stryker design lets the butt of each block “bend” around the stop, allowing more wood to be split so much easier.
Built Strong: Standard splitters have a dangerous bending movement. There is no bending movement in the Stryker log splitter because the cylinder is mounted in the center of the frame, pushing directly down on the frame.