Log Lifter

Optional Log Lifter

The hydraulic log lifter is an option available on all log splitters (except inverted skid steer models). It is very useful for lifting heavier logs but it can also be used as a table in the upright position where the operator can stack a pile of smaller logs and roll them on to the bed, one after the other. Includes hydraulic cylinder, hoses, lifter and assembly (weight 90 lbs), and quick attach ends.The optional log lifter can be added when ordering log splitter, or is available as a kit to be added later.

Knife Extension

3″ Knife Extension

Standard equipment on 3200 & 4200 series models, the 3″ knife extension helps with stringy wood that is split but still not quite pulled apart usually requiring the operator to split on the opposite side. It is also useful for splitting oversized logs.The 3″ knife extension is available as an option on the inverted skid steer log splitters.

Extended Stroke

Extended Stroke Lengths

All STRYKER log splitters are standard with a 24″ stroke length. Extended stroke lengths of 30″, 36″ or 48″ are available for all models except for the 2000 series.

Nose Extension

24″ Nose Extension

Tongue extension is recommended with models that have a hydraulic log lifter. The nose extension can also be useful when towing with off-road vehicles or lawn tractors.

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