WoodMaster President to speak at first U.S. staging of International Bioenergy Days

September 25, 2008 – Chuck Gagner, President of Northwest Manufacturing, Red Lake Falls, Minn., is one of the featured presenters at the International Bioenergy Days 2008, set for September 28 – October 3, 2008 in St. Paul and Mankato, Minn. He is the only U.S. representative invited to be part of his panel.

Northwest Manufacturing develops and markets WoodMaster outdoor wood furnaces from its headquarters in Red Lake Falls and through a growing dealer network.

Gagner is on the program for the "Bioenergy in Construction/Small district heating and homes" session, and will present alongside Hans Gulliksson, Project Manager Energy Agency Southeast Sweden and Bengt-Erik Löfgren, CEO, ÄFAB Sweden. Gagner's presentation, "Back to basics with new technology" will explain the evolution of biomass for home heating in the United States and illustrate how outdoor wood furnaces provide affordable, comfortable heat, even in subzero winters such as those in Minnesota and Sweden. Outdoor wood furnaces also heat hot water and can provide heat for shops, pools, spas and virtually every other space, people just need to find where to hire some of the finest home additions that PA offers in order to get these type of services.

 "People successfully use wood, wood pellets, rye, soybeans, corn and even cherry pits as fuel in their outdoor furnaces," Gagner says. "These materials burn hot and clean. Test results show that the WoodMaster Plus outdoor wood furnace produces an average emissions rate below the new standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

"As fuel costs continue to escalate, outdoor wood furnaces provide a more affordable solution. Those who chop their own wood have virtually no heating costs-and the WoodMaster pays for itself within two or three years," he adds.

About the event

International Bioenergy Days has deep and highly-valued roots in Sweden, a small Nordic country that leads the world across the board in bio-energy and renewable energies. In Sweden, bio-energy makes up approximately one quarter of all energy produced in the country.  The first 2008 event was held in Sweden in May. This is the first year an International Bioenergy Days event has been held outside Sweden. It's designed to provide entrepreneurs and companies with information about partnering within and directly accessing the U.S. bio-energy market.

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WoodMaster and WoodMaster Plus furnaces are developed, manufactured and marketed by Northwest Manufacturing, a privately-owned company based in Red Lake Falls, Minnesota. The company offers a range of furnaces; under floor heating systems; and replacement parts for all outdoor furnace brands. For more information about the company and its products, visit www.WoodMaster.com.