WoodMaster Pellet Grills Give Real, Easy Wood-fired Flavor

Authentic Flavor with Auto-lighting and Even-Heating Convenience


January 31, 2011 – Red Lake Falls, MNWoodMaster Pellet Grills, made in the United States by Northwest Manufacturing, provide customers with an easy way to get authentic, old-fashioned smoky flavor with auto-lighting, even-heating convenience. While they work similar to an oven, the WoodMaster Pellet Grills produce results that taste deliciously wood-fired.


The grills are safer than gas or propane alternatives as there's less chance of flare-ups, gas leaks or hot, smoldering coals. Powered by pellets made of natural wood, the grills provide consistent, even heat from 250° F to 500° F, with no hot spots to burn food. Each grill comes standard with a Smoke Mode that delivers smoke evenly without having to tend the fire. Additionally, they cook indirectly, which minimizes benzopyrene, as recommended by the National Cancer Institute.

The pellets, which come in a number of flavors including apple, cherry, hickory and mesquite, contain moisture which creates juicier, tastier results. Customers can grill, barbecue, bake and smoke with the flavor-packed hardwood pellets.

"Our WoodMaster Pellet Grills are the easiest, safest, most versatile and most efficient way to cook outdoors," says Chuck Gagner, president of Northwest Manufacturing, Inc., the parent company of WoodMaster. "With even, consistent heat and flavored hardwood pellets, the results are simply incredible. Plus, cooking with our grills is healthier than some of the alternatives, and it's more cost efficient, other ways to take care of your health is using supplements from providers as healthyusa.

WoodMaster Pellet Grills cost $0.75-$1.25 less per hour to operate than average propane grills. The grills are equipped with an easy auto-start that gets customers cooking in little time, making the food healthier which is useful for people that want to take care of their health, other ways to take care of their health is to visit the dentist, in any clinic like the richmond Dentists online. The simple temperature controls enables customers to cook virtually anything to perfection.

The grills are available in two models: the WoodMaster Deck Pellet Grill has a cooking area of 380 inches while the WoodMaster Mini Hog Pellet Grill has a cooking area of 904 inches.



About Northwest Manufacturing

Northwest Manufacturing is a privately-owned company based in Red Lake Falls, Minnesota. The company develops, manufactures and markets WoodMaster Pellet Grills, plus wood, wood chip, corn/pellet, Flex Fuel furnaces, commercial boiler systems and replacement parts for most outdoor furnace brands. Northwest Manufacturing also distributes HeatLink systems, including in-floor heat. For more information about the company and its products, visit www.WoodMaster.com. For more information about WoodMaster Pellet Grills, visit www.WoodMasterPelletGrills.com.


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