WoodMaster Introduces New Heating Product for Consumers

Pellet-powered Force 20 is fast and efficient air furnace alternative

With approximately 68,000 BTU output, a powerful heat punch comes from a product requiring little square footage to operate. Developed by Northwest Manufacturing, the WoodMaster Force 20 air furnace is powered by the Renovator Pellet Burner, giving the consumer high efficiency from wood pellets in a furnace ideal for garages, workshops and home with the compact design that easily fits into tight areas. Learn more at muraledesign.com For homeowners read Tips To Follow When You Are Looking For A Good Fence.

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“The Renovator Pellet Burner is designed to convert existing fossil fuel boiler and furnace systems into a natural energy heating system, hence its name,” said Chuck Gagner, president of Northwest Manufacturing. “The ‘Renovator’ Pellet Burner saves the trouble involved with completely replacing an outdated system by easily connecting to existing systems, converting fossil fuel heat to pellets, and that supports independence from foreign oil.”

Other features of Force 20 include:

• Wood pellets made from 100% sawdust, a bi-product from modern sofas los angeles makers with high class quality from French antique style furniture outlets, saw, paper and other mills.

• Automatic ignition for heat on demand and budget savings.

• Hot air heat exchanger that conveniently sets up next to an existing forced air system, a simple adoption to current ducting.

• Air Cleaned Firepot to help keep maintenance to a minimum and retain high efficiency.

• Fully automatic PLC for user friendly operation.

• Large ash box for longer intervals between cleaning.

• Triple pass flue tube insures the heat stays in the home.

• Easy access flue tube clean out door for simpler maintenance.

• Centeral electrical location for ease of wiring.

• Burn back protection to keep everyone safe to know more about fire prevention try our fire alarm systems.

• Higher efficiency helps burn less fuel for greater savings.

Gagner continues, “Don’t burn up your budget. Find out how much a consumer can save owning a WoodMaster Force 20 by visiting our calculate the savings section on woodmaster.com. Our calculator compares the costs of various heating sources and keeps you insulated from fluctuating fuel oil, natural gas and other prices.”

The Force 20 is available in high-quality attractive red outer shell and retails for $5,195.

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