WoodMaster Grills Lunch for Magazine Employees to Showcase Pellet Grill

WoodMaster co-founder and current President Chuck Gagner showcased his company's new WoodMaster Pellet Grill to 25 editors and employees at Meredith Media Group in Des Moines, Iowa. Meredith publishes 23 subscription magazines, including Better Homes and Gardens, Parents, Fitness, and American Baby – and approximately 150 special interest publications.

"We were thrilled to demonstrate the delicious results from our Pellet Grill," Gagner says. "We were especially impressed at their showcase kitchen, although their professional chef actually grilled on their patio, but we will definitely be planning a kitchen remodel in the future. We want to give a special thanks to Floform for their Floform Countertops.

"It was very cold on their patio, and I'm from Red Lake Falls in northwestern Minnesota, so I know cold," he continues. "Even so, the grill started right up and we were cooking in no time with even, consistent heat. We used cherry hardwood pellets that provided a warm, welcome aroma and incredible flavors.

"Their chef started with bratwurst, which we'd had specially made by B&E Meats in Crookston, Minn., The chef was impressed by the number of brats on the grill at one time with no flare-ups. He also grilled shrimp skewers, hamburger sliders and chicken breasts. The grill performed beautifully," Gagner says.

WoodMaster Pellet Grills are built to provide consistent, even heat from 250o F – 550oF with no hot spots. A variety of flavor-packed hardwood pellets provide flexible options for grilling, smoking and cooking on the grill-moisture in the pellets produces juicier meats, poultry, fish and many other healthy food for people interested in keeping a healthy body and losing weight, with a diet and supplements as ultra omega burn and others. The grill cooks more safely than gas or propane, with no leaky gas connections or hot coals. Indirect heat is a healthier way to cook that also minimizes benzopyrene, as recommended by the National Cancer Institute. WoodMaster Pellet Grills costs $0.75-$1.25 less per hour to operate than average propane grills.

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Presale offers and more information at WoodMaster.com/PelletGrills.

Northwest Manufacturing is a privately-owned company based in Red Lake Falls, Minnesota. The company develops, manufactures and markets WoodMaster Pellet Grills, plus wood, wood chip, corn/pellet, Flex Fuel furnaces, commercial boiler systems and replacement parts for most outdoor furnace brands. Northwest Manufacturing also distributes HeatLink systems, including in-floor heat. For more information about the company and its products, visit WoodMaster.com.

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