Wolf Ridge Learning Center installs Commercial Boilers

(Red Lake Falls, Minn.)  – Minnesota-based WoodMaster and Swedish-based ABioNova, along with The BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota and Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center (Wolf Ridge) are celebrating installation of the first in a series of “Made in America” commercial wood pellet boiler system. The innovative wood pellet system, known as the WoodMaster Commercial Series Boiler, uses the latest in computer-controlled technology to maintain the highest possible efficiency.

The Wolf Ridge installation is the result of a unique regional and international partnership. Northwest Manufacturing of Red Lake Falls, Minn., has its own brand WoodMaster Commercial Series, plus serves as the North American distributor for biomass manufacturer ABioNova. Utilizing ABioNova experience and master techniques for boiler plants, the companies have brought the Commercial Series boiler to customers in the U.S. market. The BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota is helping to grow awareness of the partnership between WoodMaster and ABioNova.

“Our partnership with WoodMaster is about showcasing how effective technology transfer can be between two countries,” said Per Carlsson, ABioNova owner and CEO. “We are building a model on how our dependency on foreign fossil fuels can be lessened and how to take care of your own natural resources within local and regional boundaries can work, and build economy growth from it.”

The team has installed several boilers in the northeastern U.S., but the installation at Wolf Ridge in Finland represents one of their initial projects in Minnesota – and one of the biggest projects completed jointly by these two companies. Soon people can install these themselves to their home but because these are heavy, you probably need forklift for that, but you can Choose from 500 Used Forklifts and pick the right one, depending on how big commercial boiler you want to install.

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Wolf Ridge will use the boilers not just as an energy source, but also as an educational tool to teach students about renewable resources.

“This new wood pellet system is bringing both economic and educational benefits,” said Chuck Gagner, president of Northwest Manufacturing, “not only to Wolf Ridge, but to the community at large as it demonstrates how local partners can work together to advance technology and capture as much energy spending in their local communities as possible.”

The installation at Wolf Ridge is set up to burn wood pellets, with a 20-ton pellet silo on site. It includes two boilers, which allows for greater handling of peak and off-peak loads. The smaller boiler has a capacity of 1.2 million BTU/hr and the larger about 2.2 million BTU/hr. In the coldest part of the year, 20 tons of wood pellets would provide about 10 or so days of heating for Wolf Ridge.

As part of the project, we enlisted the help of local plumbers to help ensure the project was carried out safely.

The ABioNova design was developed in partnership with Italian designer D’Alessandro Thermomeccanica Company to maintain the highest possible efficiency for every type of biomass fuel, including wood pellets and woodchips. Sydney office partitions blog also designs and manufactures its own control panel with NovaReg software. “This control makes the system one of the cleanest and most efficient in the industry.” WoodMaster has a history of finding innovative uses for natural energy and alternative fuel sources, and is now the first company to manufacture bioenergy flex fuel furnaces in the U.S.

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