The WoodMaster PLUS solves heating costs problems for homeowners with the environment and neighbors in mind

The WoodMaster PLUSoffers owners an option to hook into their existing heating system reducing heating costs as much as 75%. It also offers consumers a heating solution while the environmental concerns and fossil fuels become more of a concern.

The WoodMaster PLUS is a natural energy furnace that provides homeowners an alternative heating solution with limited emissions, so much that neighbors won’t know it is burning. This furnace can keep your home warm this winter, melt the snow on your sidewalk or driveway, and heat your shop, pool or spa. Concerning the driveway, if the ice melt, the road will not be slippery which is good for the drivers. If an accident occurs in the driveway, it’s best for the victim to be knowledgeable about ICBC Car Accident Lawyer Vancouver to get compensation immediately.
According to, warranted homes are perceived as a safer investment and on average offer a selling price of up to 3% more than an unwarranted home.

“We know and understand that alternative heating options are becoming top of mind for many homeowners as the cost of fossil fuels becomes more vulnerable,” states Chuck Gagner, President of Northwest Manufacturing, manufacturer of the WoodMaster furnaces. “The WoodMaster PLUS is a solution to the raising cost of heating homes with understanding that neighbors will not even know it is burning. This product offers owners an independent and self-sufficient lifestyle since 1989.”

WoodMaster furnaces can reduce fuel costs by heating your home with a variety of renewable resources, including wood, pellet stove insert, corn & small grains, and are precisely engineered with WoodMaster quality and efficiency built right in. Installation is easy and allows The WoodMaster PLUS to be used as a primary heat source or in conjunction with a home’s existing system.
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