Bernard Hanson

We got our WoodMaster in 2003, and it saved us about $1,000 the first winter in propane.
We burn mostly slab wood, dead falls and scrap trees from our pasture.

Mark T

An inexpensive alternative to heating became a high priority when we moved to the country.

With our WoodMaster, we have discovered a brotherhood of outdoor wood burning owners. The wonderful family adventures of being ‘gatherers’ of fuel have brought our family closer. So far we have realized savings of thousands of dollars in propane. I highly recommend a WoodMaster outdoor wood furnace.

Don Paiter

Love our stove! We are always warm. The electric company does not smile as much as they go to the bank from our bill. God bless you!

Joe & Cathy Cornella

We’re not sure we would trade our WoodMaster for anything!

We have a good-sized home and a full basement, and our WoodMaster heats all of it. It’s simple, convenient, and we recommend it to anyone. We just love it!

Brian & Keri Eilar

We have the largest house in our country neighborhood. The house is more than 4,000 square feet with more than 80 windows covering three floors.
Until we purchased our WoodMaster, we were spending more than $4,000 per year on propane. I purchased a total of seven cords of wood for $840 total. Even by purchasing the wood instead of cutting it ourselves, we will see a savings of $3,200 each year.

Dewey Sheaffer

We love our WoodMaster! We burned more than 2,200 gallons of oil in the 2007-2008 heating season and only a few gallons in the 2008-2009 heating season after installing our WoodMaster.

Mike Marshall

The WoodMaster furnace is ideal for my family. It doesn’t cause a mess in the house, and it saves money as we have plenty of wood in our location!

Scott, Tina, Collin & Cody Forth

When we decided to build the house of our dreams, we knew we would get a WoodMaster furnace.

Nothing beats the heat from wood: warmth without all the mess. We love our WoodMaster!

Bruce Anfinson

My house in Helena is about 4,000 square feet and is mainly heated by my WoodMaster.

We just finished the woodshed next to the boiler, and it should be a great winter.

Bernie Petrie

I have used the furnace for one full winter now. The heat is a soft heat, and I had the house warmer than with oil heat. It’s great!