Consistently Strong Water Pressure

Compatible With Our Other Home Comfort Systems

PureLink™ is a potable water distribution system built to deliver consistently strong water pressure for cooking, bathing and laundry. It provides quiet (no water hammer noise) flow in any climate with equalized pressure without hot or cold.


  • Flexible design simplifies installations
  • Constructed with only lightweight, cross-linked polyethylene tubing, or PEX, that offers distinct advantages over metal or plastic piping materials:
    • Virtually maintenance-free, corrosion and scale resistant, flexible and remarkably clean
    • Durable: withstands temperatures from below freezing to above the boiling point
    • Pliable: a ½-inch section can be cold bent into a 3-inch radius without affecting tubing integrity
    • Highly crush-resistant and can be submerged in concrete or earth without any damage
  • Nontoxic, lead-free


All components simple to install with crimp tools and test gauges; easy to repair if pipes get kinked.

Find a trained PureLink installation contractor.