Commercial Forced Air

Ideally designed for the agricultural and light commercial markets. Greenhouse operators and poultry farmers realize significant fuel savings and create healthier environments for their plants or animals.

  • Uses wood pellets or chips
  • Automatic fuel feeding, ash extraction and sootblowing
  • Proudly built in the USA
  • 130kW and 230kW (up to 780,000 Btu/hr)

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Durable, Safe

  • Quality-constructed to handle the toughest heat loads.
  • The combustion chamber is lined with firebricks.
  • All grate elements are made of durable cast chrome steel to withstand even the highest temperatures.

Efficient & Clean Burning

  • Features a classic triple-pass heat exchanger
  • Separate fans for primary and secondary combustion air
  • Burns CO2 neutral wood fuel


  • Automatic ash extraction and soot blowing

Sizes to fit every operation

WoodMaster Commercial Series Forced Air GS 130 and GS 230

No space for a furnace?

WoodMaster has prefabricated boiler rooms plus expert installation from our certified dealers.

If you have any questions about the WoodMaster Commercial Series please contact us at (800) 932-3629.

WoodMaster Commercial Series Forced Air Control Cabinet

WoodMaster’s advanced controls bring together an easy to use control center that adjusts the burn rate automatically to the heat load needed which adjusts the feed rate to the combustion fan speed for maximum efficiency and complete combustion.

  • Automates the fuel feed to the combustion chamber and ash extraction out of the combustion chamber
  • Automatically programs soot blowing to keep the heat exchanger at maximum performance
  • Equipped with burn back protection
  • Program logs fuel usage performance and any malfunctions that may occur
  • Built with UL listed components

Ash Removal

Ash Removal (PDF)

Emission Control

Cyclone Emission Control (PDF)