CleanFire checks every box of what an outdoor wood furnace should be.

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The most efficient EPA Step 2 Certified stick wood burning appliances.*

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Easy Convenient Operation – the FireStar combustion controller constantly monitors how the wood is burning and automatically adds air where and when it’s needed for the cleanest, most efficient combustion.

Coal Bed Saver – saves the coal bed for quick, easy restarts
Burning Time Monitor – helps to estimate when you need to add wood
Clean Reload – reduces smoke when you open the fire door to add wood
Text Alerts – be notified when it’s time to add wood

Top Performance  super-heated gases enter the round chamber of thePerformance Fireball Afterburner and swirl in a turbulent vortex, creating a Fireball and allowing enough time for complete combustion to occur.

Easy Access – the patented vertical Easy ViewHeat Exchanger Heat Exchanger with hinged door provides full access without the use of tools.

Durability – the titanium-Fireboxenhanced stainless steel firebox is impervious to corrosion from high-moisture wood, creosote or condensation.

*CleanFire 500 achieves the highest of the 125 stick wood burning appliances that are EPA Step 2 Certified as of 7/13/2021.