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Warm Floor Year-Round

HeatLink™ is an in-floor hydronic heat system that delivers even heat from special tubing placed underneath floors in homes and businesses. HeatLink pumps warm water through the tubing. The system provides consistent warmth on tile, vinyl, wood, stone and other floor coverings.

Features & Benefits


The number one reason consumers choose HeatLink is to maintain floor surface temperatures at no higher than 88 degrees F (31 degrees C) for year-round comfort.


Radiant floor heating systems are powered by a boiler or a special water heater; no furnace is needed. HeatLink systems are often combined with the PureLink water distribution system.

  • No hot or cold spots
  • No noisy fans or radiator expansion noise

HeatLink delivers heat where it’s needed, with little waste. Control determines the efficiency of the HeatLink system. HeatLink’s integrated StatLink temperature control system allows a thermostat in every room of the house, so owners may electronically set back the temperature in unoccupied rooms.


HeatLink provides lower energy and operating costs with enhanced comfort and control.. System Projected energy use to heat 3,200 square feet:

How it Works

To deliver the heat, HeatLink PEX tubing is laid on the sub-floor and covered with a flowable lightweight concrete. It can also be installed in the lower level concrete floor or underneath the joist space, which is called a “dry” or “staple-up” installation.HeatLink also allows flexible furniture arrangements because there are no grills or radiators to dodge.

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