WoodMaster Furnaces Top New EPA Cleaner Burning Heaters List

The two cleanest outdoor wood-fired hydronic heaters are WoodMaster furnaces, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tests. Topping the list is the WoodMaster Flex Fuel 30 kW indoor/outdoor furnace, with an extremely clean 0.04 lb/million BTU heat output annual average emission level. Below is the Phase 2 list of cleaner burning hydronic heaters that […]

WoodMaster Flex Fuel Furnaces Unaffected by Rising Oil Prices

Oil Predicted to Hit $150 a Barrel in a Few Months; Flex Fuel Furnaces are Oil-Free Alternative   January 31, 2011 – Red Lake Falls, MN – WoodMaster, the industry leader in flex fuel furnaces, reminds consumers that its Flex Fuel indoor and outdoor furnaces are excellent alternatives for heating their homes. Consumers can heat […]

WoodMaster Pellet Grills Give Real, Easy Wood-fired Flavor

Authentic Flavor with Auto-lighting and Even-Heating Convenience   January 31, 2011 – Red Lake Falls, MN – WoodMaster Pellet Grills, made in the United States by Northwest Manufacturing, provide customers with an easy way to get authentic, old-fashioned smoky flavor with auto-lighting, even-heating convenience. While they work similar to an oven, the WoodMaster Pellet Grills […]

County Gas Prices Jump Quickly and Could Go Higher

Prices rose about 11 cents in the last week and analysts say more increases are likely. By Bill Sheets, Herald Writer   EVERETT — Soaring gasoline prices are already making a big dent in the budget of Ashley Danceo, a college student who works part time. "I hate it," said Danceo, 18, of Silver Lake as […]

WoodMaster Furnaces Fit Expanded N.H. Rebate Program and New EPA Standards

WoodMaster furnaces are expected to fit new EPA New Source Performance Standards (NSPS). The proposed NSPS regulations will be officially announced in June 2011, but it appears the EPA is moving to simpler yet source-considerate standards. WoodMaster's Todd Strem says, "It looks like these new standards are reasonable, and that our wood, pellet flex fuel […]