Benefits of Heating with Wood

With increased global demand and heightened environmental concerns, fossil fuel prices continue to be volatile.  Heating, cooling and electrical costs for commercial operations, including greenhouses, are a significant portion of their operating expenses.  An opportunity exists for the replacement of fossil fuels with woody biomass.  With today’s technologies wood heating is an economical and eco-friendly alternative to fossil fuel heating.

For most greenhouse operators, heating cost is the 2nd or 3rd highest cost in producing plants, so figuring out the most cost effective way to heat your greenhouse is very important.

Biomass heating systems:

  • Support cost-effective, renewable energy: wood is renewable and an environmentally responsible form of energy and an important part of sustainable resource management.
  • Reduce GHG emissions: heating with wood is CO2-neutral and does not contribute to climate change.
  • Offset imported fossil fuels: as a local energy source, wood is affordable and independent of price fluctuations.  In times of volitale energy prices, wood prices remain stable.
  • Stimulate local economies: wood is locally sourced and contributes to the regional economy.

Current Greenhouse Applications


Dayton Valley Aquaponics

Dayton Valley Aquaponics, an aquaponic greenhouse facility in Minden, NV, is taking positive steps to reducing their carbon footprint.  Aquaponics is a system of aquaculture in which waste produced by farmed fish supplies nutrients for plants to grow hydroponically, which in turn purifies the water.

Dayton Valley Aquaponics installed a WoodMaster Commercial Series CS300 an CS500 boiler to reduce their greenhouse heating costs and keep their business sustainable.

The WoodMaster Commercial Series boilers will heat the 21,750 square foot greenhouse facility and displace their natural gas usage.

Schaefer's Greenhouse

Schaefer’s Gardens

Schaefer’s Gardens is a family owned and operated wholesale greenhouse facility that has been in operation since 1934.  Schaefer’s Gardens occupies one and a half covered acres of growing area where they produce seasonable crops for wholesale distribution.

Schaefer’s Gardens installed a WoodMaster Commercial Series CS500 to reduce their greenhouse heating costs and keep their business sustainable.  The system was designed to replace most of Schaefer’s heating oil use. Since firing up the boiler in October 2014, Schaefer’s Gardens has reduced their heating bills by 35%.