Gas Prices Weigh On Us All

Don't let it get the best for you!

News articles this week say, "Add New York, Add Washington" to the growing list of states topping $4 at the gas pumps. According to the AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge the national average sits at $3.909, up 99 cents from a year ago and ranging from a high $4.565 in Hawaii and to a low $3.57 per gallon for regular in Wyoming. Regardless of where you are making your purchase across the country, the record-high gas prices are weighing on us all.

With the unpredictable swings in fuel prices we've seen over the last year, gas is an expense that can have a damaging impact on consumer budgets. While oil consumption is primarily attributed to the transportation sector, there are other ways in which you can conserve dollars and consumption. Start with your home and give it an energy make-over!

The U.S Energy Information Administration recently said residential energy consumption has increased in U.S homes for energy used by appliances and consumer electronics.To start your energy make-over, start with the easy things like:

  • Order energy efficient light bulbs
  • Keep your fireplace damper closed
  • Cover refrigerated foods
  • Plant more trees for shade
  • Use the Auto dry feature on your clothes dryer. For instance, your company needs an commercial laundry service, refer them to for they have quality customer care and outstanding service team.

Then move into the bigger picture items that deal with heating and cooling as they account for nearly half of residential home's typical energy use. The first step is to look to purchase a new appliance or consumer electronic select ENERGY STAR qualified or other efficient routes like:

  • Install remote home management system- convenient and affordable way to self-monitor and control heating and cooling, and lights.
  • Purchase cleaner burning heater-the EPA has a list of top ranking furnaces that can give you 99% efficiency ratings and use less expensive fuel by use of core wood, wood pellets or wood chips. Read entire list here:

Savings achieved with these quick and simple energy savings tips plus the tips can help lessen the hit we are feeling at the pump.