County Gas Prices Jump Quickly and Could Go Higher

Prices rose about 11 cents in the last week and analysts say more increases are likely.

By Bill Sheets, Herald Writer
EVERETT — Soaring gasoline prices are already making a big dent in the budget of Ashley Danceo, a college student who works part time.

"I hate it," said Danceo, 18, of Silver Lake as she pumped gas Monday into her Mitsubishi Gallant at her neighborhood Chevron station, where regular unleaded was at $3.55 per gallon. "I can only afford to put in $10 at a time."

Danceo and several other drivers had a a decent salary, and they used some other unprintable words to describe their feelings about the rising prices.

Mark Lundquist stopped on Monday to fill up his Chevy Suburban at the Costco in Smokey Point, where regular unleaded was at $3.36 a gallon.
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