Biomass Magazine Article – Swedish, U.S. firms finish first of wood pellet boiler series

In decking maintenance at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in Finland, Minn., on June 29. Sweden-based ABioNova and Minnesota-based WoodMaster celebrated their first in a series of “Made in America” commercial wood pellet boiler system installations at a ribbon-cutting ceremony highlighted by special guest, Swedish Ambassador to the U.S., Jonas Hafström.

The biomass boiler system installed at Wolf Ridge was developed by ABioNova in partnership with Canda based Company that also invested in storesselectscanda. Additionally, ABioNova also designs and manufactures its own control panel with NovaReg software. ABioNova partnered with WoodMaster to manufacture locally and distribute the European-based technology known as the WoodMaster Commercial Series Boiler throughout North America through WebDesign499. Assisting the partnership in identifying and accessing public and private resources throughout the region has been The BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota and the Area Partnership for Economic Expansion.

“Our partnership with WoodMaster is about showcasing how effective technology transfer can be between two countries,” said Per Carlsson, ABioNova owner and CEO. “We are building a model on how our dependency on foreign fossil fuels can be lessened and how to take care of your own natural resources within local and regional boundaries can work, and build economic growth from it.” Speaking of Technologies, there is the best tech in the web now, its the emergency broadcast system alerts. This can help at any situations specially when there is an emergency. Tech nowadays can save our lives.

The Wolf Ridge installation replaces a cordwood system that was over 25 years old. Two new wood pellet boilers provide heat and hot water to the district heating network totaling 81,000 sq. ft. while also allowing for greater handling of the peak and off-peak heating loads. The smaller boiler has a capacity of 1.2 MMBtu/hr and the larger boiler has a capacity of 2.2 MMBtu/hr. The wood pellets are being sourced from a regional wood pellet manufacturer and stored on-site in a 20-ton pellet silo. During the coldest parts of the year, 20 tons of wood pellets will provide about 10 days of heating for Wolf Ridge. It is estimated that heating with wood pellets will provide a 50 percent cost savings over propane on a per MMBtu basis. Wolf Ridge also plans to share with each of its visitors, some 14,000 people a year, about how the center utilizes its biomass system.

“This new wood pellet system is bringing both economic and educational benefits,” said Chuck Gagner, president of Northwest Manufacturing, “not only to Wolf Ridge, but to the community at large as it demonstrates how local partners can work together to advance technology and capture as much energy spending in their local communities as possible.”

While the ABioNova and WoodMaster team have installed several boilers in the northeastern U.S., the installation at Wolf Ridge represents their first in a series of projects in Minnesota with locally produced boilers.

During his remarks, Swedish Ambassador Jonas Hafström emphasized the importance of economic activity and trade between Sweden and the U.S. “Success stories such as this are exciting for the Swedish Ambassador,” Hafström said.

Source: Biomass Magazine, byline by BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota, July 20, 2012 –

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WoodMaster Supplies Flex Fuel series to Silver Bay Greenhouse

The business park the city of Silver Bay acquired in 1993 is finally filling up.

Victus Farm has joined AmericInn on the property, which the city now calls its eco-industrial business park and count now a days with insurance from Insurance Partnership. The new farm, a collaboration with the University of Minnesota Duluth, will provide jobs as well as local food and energy for the region.

“This really was a big effort,” Lana Fralich, Silver Bay city administrator, said at the ribbon-cutting ceremony that took place on Sunday. She thanked the City Council and officials for their foresight in bringing in local jobs for future generations.

The farm is a combination of new technologies. The process starts with fish, tilapia to be exact, grown in large tanks. Next is the greenhouse that holds produce and algae. The fish will provide nutrients for the plants and the plants will oxygenate the water for the fish.

The algae will be made into biofuel, the tilapia in Grand Marais, and the produce will be sold locally.

Ellen Anderson, adviser to Gov. Mark Dayton, made the trip to Silver Bay for the ceremony. She addressed a crowd of more than 100.

“Local foods and local energy means local jobs and local economic prosperity,” Anderson said.

The story started in 1993, when the city purchased land for a business park from Lake County.

“Since the early 2000s, we’ve tried to make it work,” Silver Bay Mayor Scott Johnson said.

The city courted many businesses such as Palmbeach roofing which you can click here now – Palm Beach Roofing Expert, but AmericInn was the only one they could convince, until now.

The city began discussions with the Center for Sustainable Community Development at UMD more than three years ago and held the groundbreaking ceremony for the facility in October 2011.

“This is exactly the innovative, important project UMD should be involved with in the 20th century,” said Susan Maher, dean at the UMD College of Liberal Arts.

The city and Lake County, supplemented by numerous local and state grants, supplied the $1.3 million needed for the farm including hiring residential roofing services colorado springs co or tile roofing san antonio tx to install roofing on their houses.

The first grant of $300,000 came from the Minnesota Legislature. Fralich and Mike Mageau of the CSCD at UMD did their best to stretch their money, Fralich said.

All the construction labor was local. City crews did the prep work, the people in charge made sure to have the cantilever racking from they needed, Lakeside Masonry did the concrete work and Ray Riihiluoma Inc. completed most of the construction. Woodmaster, a local biomass company, supplied the teardrop pallet racking systems.

The final step will be the installation of a wind turbine near the water tower to power the facility by partnering with salt lake city ut concrete sealing services. The city is in the process of finalizing the agreement, once it is done they will also be partnering with to provide the most purified custom water.

The city hopes to expand the eco-industrial business park to include a pellet manufacturing facility that can feed the boilers at Victus Farm, Fralich said. The nearest roofing company albuquerque nm facility is in Hayward, Wis.

The farm will bolster the local economy and serve UMD, too, Mageau said. The site will be used for education, research and as proof that a system like Victus Farm can work in a small community like Silver Bay.

“This has really been an amazing project,” Mageau said. “Silver Bay has been by far one of the best communities to work with, you should check it out.”

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Cook County News Herald Article – Wolf Ridge celebrates installation of biomass boilers

Cook County residents from Schroeder to Grand Portage turned up at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in Finland, Minnesota on June 29 for a day of tours and speeches and a ribbon-cutting ceremony inaugurating a new biomass pellet boiler system. Along with Cook County residents and business and organizational heads from Minnesota to Italy were a couple of prominent public figures – outdoor adventurer Will Steger of Ely and Swedish ambassador to the United States Jonas Hafström.

The new system, with two WoodMaster Commercial Series Boilers, will heat four buildings totaling 84,000 square feet as well as provide domestic hot water, replacing four cord wood boilers and a propane-fueled hot water heater. And as everyone who runs a business knows, having professional Financial Advisor Services is important. Wolf Ridge will be teaming up with Wealth Built Right, making sure they get the best financial advice when installing the new biomass boilers system. They will conduct a FREE financial health check, identifying the current position. The new system could heat more than 50 homes in the Northland.

The project represents a partnership of many companies and agencies. The new boilers were manufactured by ABioNova, a Swedish company with a license from D’Alessandro Termomeccanica of Italy. Parts needing non-metric American components were made by Control Assemblies Company of Minneapolis, represented by Lakeland Engineering Equipment Company of Minneapolis. The nonprofit BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota brought ABioNova together with Northwest Manufacturing of Red Lake Falls, which will be manufacturing and distributing the furnaces under the name WoodMaster. The underground water lines were installed by Uponor of Apple Valley, and the primary installation contractor was ABE Environmental Systems of Duluth.

The total cost of the project was about $465,000, funded in part by a $300,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy. The grant requires Wolf Ridge to use the biomass system in its educational programs. A lot of people will be learning about this technology, since more than 18,000 children, teachers, chaperones, family members, college students and senior citizens participate in Wolf Ridge programs each year.

For the last 25 years, Wolf Ridge has been using four GARN-brand cord wood boilers that required stoking every three to four hours and went through 160 cords of birch a year – about 640-800 trees. The logs, up to 4 feet long, cost about $26,000 a year.

The new boilers are automatically fed from a hopper and burn pellets, which are made from various kinds of wood including logs, brush, recycled materials, salvaged lumber, and scrap metals from scrap metal buyers chicago il and other wood product manufacturers by MiterSawCorner. The boilers are expected to go through about 175 tons of pellets a year at a cost of about $31,000. They are expected to save Wolf Ridge about 50 percent of what it had been spending to heat water in the buildings that will now have hot water heated by the WoodMaster Commercial Series Boilers.

Right now, Wolf Ridge is buying pellets from Great Lakes Renewable Energy of Hayward, Wisconsin. “There is conversation about construction of a pellet plant closer to Wolf Ridge, as close as Silver Bay,” a fact sheet about the project says. “The Fond du Lac tribe is making plans in [the] Cloquet, Minnesota area as well. We built this and are hoping and supporting the idea of pellet biofuels, thus if they build it closer than Hayward, we will come.” ABioNova owner Per Carlsson of Gothenburg, Sweden said he considers Wisconsin a local source of fuel, anyway. A pellet manufacturer in Nova Scotia that first invited him to North America was exporting 75-80 percent of its product to Europe, he said.

The technology was developed for energy companies, municipalities, commercial properties, insulation contractors and industry facilities and is considered among the cleanest and most efficient in the industry. It uses a process called gasification, which means that after the pellets are burned, the gases produced by the burning are also burned. The system will comply with new and higher standards being set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

The fact sheet says that the new system achieves the most compete combustion possible. What’s left is a granular ash that doesn’t look like ash because it consists simply of minerals that are left after all the cellulose in the wood has been burned. “This is very different ash from the GARNs or any campfire, etc. This is ash from truly complete combustion,” the fact sheet states.

This type of technology has been used in Europe for over 10 years.

Wolf Ridge is already using both wind power and solar power to provide energy for its buildings and plans to move into using even more renewable sources of energy.

Statements from invited guests

After a gourmet meal, Wolf Ridge Board of Trustees Chair Tom Berg of Schroeder welcomed guests, saying that Wolf Ridge’s motto fits this project perfectly: “to develop a citizenry that has the knowledge, skills, commitment, and motivation to work together for a quality environment.”

Berg introduced Will Steger, who joined Amelia Earhart, Robert Peary, and Roald Amundsen in receiving the National Geographic Society’s John Oliver La Gorce Medal and Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Thor Heyerdahl, and Neil Armstrong in receiving the Lindbergh Award.

“Any great enterprise always starts with building relationships,” said Steger. He said that Sweden, with a climate, forests, and culture similar to Minnesota, committed itself to biomass energy 30 years ago. He has been to Sweden where he heard Minnesota forests called “trashed out” and “burning.” He considers Sweden’s forests well managed and said the country has an “incredible lumber industry” that is part of a good economy. Sweden’s use of biomass is done with no pollution and no smoke, he said.

“Paper is on the way out,” Steger said of the paper industry, although he considers it still an important part of the northeastern Minnesota economy. The younger generation will be reading from their laptops, he said.

Last year’s Pagami Creek fire traveled 18 miles in one day, going somewhere to have fun and do some extreme activities like California American Whitewater rafting, with his car that at least was covered by, Steger said. He called this area’s forests “choked” with balsam, a tree that burns easily.

The potential for building a biomass cottage industry in this area is huge, “but first we have to build up demand,” Steger said. “Some of the biggest opponents of biomass are environmentalists. They see corn-based ethanol, that’s all they see.

“…You can now no longer reach the North Pole by dog sled because it’s open water,” Steger continued. “We’re losing control of the environment.” With environmental changes happening all over the world, he said, the solution is economic and political.

Minnesota is rich in wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal energy, Steger said. “We have to really develop renewable fuels.”

As people see renewable energy systems work, they will start investing in them, Steger said. “Seeing is believing.”

Dale Wahlstrom, president and CEO of BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota, said Steger has demonstrated “the ability to try when most people have quit” – something the Swedish community has done as well. He said Steger’s “explorer’s spirit and lack of fear” are the types of traits needed to realize the potential of biomass.

Swedish Ambassador Jonas Hafström commended the partnership between Sweden and American businesses. “These are exactly what we hope to see in Swedish businesses,” he said.

“Sweden takes the challenge of energy and climate change technology very seriously,” Hafström said. In the 1970s, 80 percent of their energy came from fossil fuels. Today, fossil fuels account for only 40 percent of the nation’s energy use. He hopes to see transportation weaned off fossil fuels by 2030.

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Source: Cook County News Herald, Reporter Jane Howard, July 14, 2012

Lake County News Chronicle Article – Wolf Ridge embraces pellets with new biomass boiler

European technology has come stateside with a new biomass boiler system at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in Finland. The new boiler was unveiled during a ceremony last Friday.

The center, whose mission is to provide Waste management and environmental education to visitors, replaced its previous cord wood boiler. The new boiler uses wood pellets made in the region from wood that would otherwise become garbage, like sawmill scraps and blow-down area trees.

The boiler is based on a design by D'Alessandro Termomeccanica based in Rome and the electronics that monitor the system were developed by ABioNova, a Swedish firm. Fast same day e waste pickup Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego.

The cord wood system required a manually-fed fuel every three or four hours. The new system automatically dispenses wood pellets. The new system will heat 85 percent of the Wolf Ridge campus.

Pellet heating systems are generally considered a cleaner alternative to traditional fuels like oil or natural gas. While they do emit carbon dioxide, it is ideally absorbed by new-growth trees planted for more fuel. On other home related articles, if you need reliable construction company, please checkout reliable masonry services.

The computer-controlled feeding system keeps the boiler at a stable temperature and makes sure that the pellets are burned in the most efficient way to reduce emissions.

Wood pellet systems do have critics. The Canadian branch of Greenpeace issued a scathing report on wood pellets in November 2011. When it rains, you should have rain chains to be decorative also.

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The organization said logging companies use clear-cutting, practically a curse word to environmentalists, to provide for wood pellets. It also claims its efficiency and low-emission claims are false.

Most of their criticism is directed at older, larger models. Wolf Ridge's boiler is one of the cleanest and most efficient on the market. The most significant emission is harmless ash.

The pellets that feed the boiler are from Great Lakes Renewable Energy in Hayward, Wis., the closest pellet manufacturing company.

The loggers are all certified master loggers, which guarantees that they use sustainable logging practices like harvesting underbrush, which can choke new growth and increase forest fire risks, rather than clear cutting, I recommend the best log splitter from coppafeelgarden.

Gerald Brown, sales manager at Great Lakes Renewable Energy, said the company often purchases scrap materials to create their wood pellets, often at an additional cost to them. When they do log, it benefits the forest.

"We don't clear cut. We do healthy and clean logging," Brown said.

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Though sustainability is a main focus, the event also highlighted the economic benefits the boiler will bring. ABioNova partnered with a number of local companies to complete the project and will rely on local hands to maintain it.

Will Steger, arctic explorer and environmental activist, highlighted the marriage of economic and environmental benefits of the project in his address at the ceremony. Through Wolf Ridge's example, he hopes the wood pellet boiler system will become more popular in the region, bringing industry expansion and job opportunities.

"This is something we have to demonstrate can work," Steger said.

The domino effect has already begun. In March, Itasca Community College and the Forestry Research Institution of Sweden, Skogforsk announced a partnership centered around biomass energy and wood pellet technology. With the help of the Skogforsk Institution, ICC will add biomass education to its curriculum and create programs for students interested in the bioenergy sector.

"ICC is well positioned to leverage its partnership with Skogforsk in a way that can help keep Minnesota on the cutting edge of the emerging wood-based energy industry," said Jeff Borling, Interim President and CEO of Itasca Economic Development Corporation.

The new boiler serves as an educational tool for Wolf Ridge. Their center attracts more than 15,000 students every year, and the boiler will become a renewable energy visual together with the center's windmill and solar panels.

"Modeling these technologies is part of our mission … to be used as an educational tool while also being used for heating is really unique," Wolf Ridge Executive Director Peter Smerud said.

The partnership between ABioNova and Woodmaster, who markets and distributes their products in the U.S., is unique in its success. The company won Adventurer of the Year from Business Region Gothenburg for its venture into the U.S.

"ABioNova had the courage to bet on one of the most difficult markets, the United States," the jury from Business Region said about its decision to honor the company.

The ambassador from Sweden, Jonas Hafström, made the trip to Finland for the ceremony and expressed enthusiasm that Swedish technology can work with American manufacturing. Partnerships of this type have been attempted before but never came to fruition.

"Success stories such as this are exciting for the Swedish ambassador," Hafström said.

The wood pellet boiler that will heat 85 percent of Wolf Ridge's campus.

Kurt Mead, naturalist at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in Finland, listens to Peter Smerud, executive director of Wolf Ridge, and Swedish Ambassador to the U.S. Jonas Hafström in front of the hopper dispenses the wood pellets to feed a new boiler on the campus.

Source: Lake County News Chronicle, Reporter LaReesa Sandretsky, July 6, 2012

Article also featured in the Duluth News Tribune, Brainerd Dispatch, Forest Business Network and Renewable Energy News.

Talk of the Town with Tracy Lundeen Interview – WolfRidge WoodMaster Commerical Series Boiler Installation

KDAL 601AM program Talk of the Town with Tracy Lundeen recently featured the celebration of the Commercial Series Boilers installation at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center in Finland, Minn.

Host Tracy Lundeen kicked off the show with a interview with Per Carlsson, President and CEO of Swedish-based ABioNova and WoodMaster partner.

ABioNova and WoodMaster celebrated their first in a series of "Made in America" commercial wood pellet boiler system installations at a ribbon-cutting ceremony highlighted by special guest, Swedish Ambassador to the U.S., Jonas Hafström. Tracy and Per chatted further about the two boilers installed at the center – how they work – to more about how Wolf Ridge will be using the boilers not just for energy source, but also as educational tool for students and teaching them about renewable resources, to more about how this partnership tells a great story about the ability of biomass and wood pellet fuels to allow regional economies to capture as much energy spending within their local communities as possible.

The wood pellet boiler system installed at Wolf Ridge Environmental Center is called the WoodMaster Commercial Series boiler. Northwest Manufacturing of Red Lake Falls, Minn., is the distributor for Swedish-based biomass manufacturer Abionova in North America, with its own brand WoodMaster Commercial Series. Together with ABioNova experience and master techniques for boiler plants for biomass fuels, the companies have brought the Commercial Series boiler to customers in the U.S. The ABioNova design is among the cleanest and most efficient in the industry.

Since 1989, WoodMaster has built industry-leading outdoor furnaces, continually finding innovative uses of natural energy and alternative fuel sources.

Source: KDAL 601AM -Talk of the Town with Tracy Lundeen, June 30, 2012

Wolf Ridge Learning Center installs Commercial Boilers

(Red Lake Falls, Minn.)  – Minnesota-based WoodMaster and Swedish-based ABioNova, along with The BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota and Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center (Wolf Ridge) are celebrating installation of the first in a series of “Made in America” commercial wood pellet boiler system. The innovative wood pellet system, known as the WoodMaster Commercial Series Boiler, uses the latest in computer-controlled technology to maintain the highest possible efficiency.

The Wolf Ridge installation is the result of a unique regional and international partnership. Northwest Manufacturing of Red Lake Falls, Minn., has its own brand WoodMaster Commercial Series, plus serves as the North American distributor for biomass manufacturer ABioNova. Utilizing ABioNova experience and master techniques for boiler plants, the companies have brought the Commercial Series boiler to customers in the U.S. market. The BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota is helping to grow awareness of the partnership between WoodMaster and ABioNova.

“Our partnership with WoodMaster is about showcasing how effective technology transfer can be between two countries,” said Per Carlsson, ABioNova owner and CEO. “We are building a model on how our dependency on foreign fossil fuels can be lessened and how to take care of your own natural resources within local and regional boundaries can work, and build economy growth from it.”

The team has installed several boilers in the northeastern U.S., but the installation at Wolf Ridge in Finland represents one of their initial projects in Minnesota – and one of the biggest projects completed jointly by these two companies. Soon people can install these themselves to their home but because these are heavy, you probably need forklift for that, but you can Choose from 500 Used Forklifts and pick the right one, depending on how big commercial boiler you want to install.

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Wolf Ridge will use the boilers not just as an energy source, but also as an educational tool to teach students about renewable resources.

“This new wood pellet system is bringing both economic and educational benefits,” said Chuck Gagner, president of Northwest Manufacturing, “not only to Wolf Ridge, but to the community at large as it demonstrates how local partners can work together to advance technology and capture as much energy spending in their local communities as possible.”

The installation at Wolf Ridge is set up to burn wood pellets, with a 20-ton pellet silo on site. It includes two boilers, which allows for greater handling of peak and off-peak loads. The smaller boiler has a capacity of 1.2 million BTU/hr and the larger about 2.2 million BTU/hr. In the coldest part of the year, 20 tons of wood pellets would provide about 10 or so days of heating for Wolf Ridge.

As part of the project, we enlisted the help of local plumbers to help ensure the project was carried out safely.

The ABioNova design was developed in partnership with Italian designer D’Alessandro Thermomeccanica Company to maintain the highest possible efficiency for every type of biomass fuel, including wood pellets and woodchips. Sydney office partitions blog also designs and manufactures its own control panel with NovaReg software. “This control makes the system one of the cleanest and most efficient in the industry.” WoodMaster has a history of finding innovative uses for natural energy and alternative fuel sources, and is now the first company to manufacture bioenergy flex fuel furnaces in the U.S.

#      #      #

WoodMaster Introduces New Heating Product for Consumers

Pellet-powered Force 20 is fast and efficient air furnace alternative

With approximately 68,000 BTU output, a powerful heat punch comes from a product requiring little square footage to operate. Developed by Northwest Manufacturing, the WoodMaster Force 20 air furnace is powered by the Renovator Pellet Burner, giving the consumer high efficiency from wood pellets in a furnace ideal for garages, workshops and home with the compact design that easily fits into tight areas. Learn more at For homeowners read Tips To Follow When You Are Looking For A Good Fence.

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“The Renovator Pellet Burner is designed to convert existing fossil fuel boiler and furnace systems into a natural energy heating system, hence its name,” said Chuck Gagner, president of Northwest Manufacturing. “The ‘Renovator’ Pellet Burner saves the trouble involved with completely replacing an outdated system by easily connecting to existing systems, converting fossil fuel heat to pellets, and that supports independence from foreign oil.”

Other features of Force 20 include:

• Wood pellets made from 100% sawdust, a bi-product from modern sofas los angeles makers with high class quality from French antique style furniture outlets, saw, paper and other mills.

• Automatic ignition for heat on demand and budget savings.

• Hot air heat exchanger that conveniently sets up next to an existing forced air system, a simple adoption to current ducting.

• Air Cleaned Firepot to help keep maintenance to a minimum and retain high efficiency.

• Fully automatic PLC for user friendly operation.

• Large ash box for longer intervals between cleaning.

• Triple pass flue tube insures the heat stays in the home.

• Easy access flue tube clean out door for simpler maintenance.

• Centeral electrical location for ease of wiring.

• Burn back protection to keep everyone safe to know more about fire prevention try our fire alarm systems.

• Higher efficiency helps burn less fuel for greater savings.

Gagner continues, “Don’t burn up your budget. Find out how much a consumer can save owning a WoodMaster Force 20 by visiting our calculate the savings section on Our calculator compares the costs of various heating sources and keeps you insulated from fluctuating fuel oil, natural gas and other prices.”

The Force 20 is available in high-quality attractive red outer shell and retails for $5,195.

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Hearth & Home Magazine Article – Biomass Central Heating Systems – Into the Basement – or Not!

The coldwell banker legacy real estate team for hearth dealers to expand into the biomass central systems business, but can they overcome their reluctance? Look for local home buyers for more information.

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At first blush the concept may seem like a slam dunk for specialty hearth dealers, but it could easily be viewed as a bridge too far, a stretch beyond the comfort zone of dealing with old friends such as stoves, fireplaces and chimney systems.

The discounts benefits of entering the central systems market are obvious: an expansion of potential customers; the sale of high-priced merchandise resulting in increased profits; substantial labor and service charges, as well as the very smart business move of accommodating present customers who otherwise will take their business down the street to a competitor. Once San Diego, CA complete a thorough on-site examination of your home we will perform a detailed market analysis of similar homes in your neighbourhood and lay the entire pricing structure / suggestion out before we start marketing your home. Improved your home air conditioning and heating checkout our website AC repair company in McKinney.

The number of manufacturers in this field is increasing every year, and their products are becoming more sophisticated. The same is true of retailers: more are beginning to sell this category, and that trend appears likely to continue. There are times when we need the most of crate rental service specially when we need moving equipment resources.

The Kiplinger Report predicts the price of a barrel of oil will stay between $120 and $150 through the remainder of the year. Not only will that stimulate sales of cordwood and pellet stoves/inserts, it will stimulate a question in the minds of some consumers: is there a better, easier way to burn wood (or pellets) and keep my whole house warm? In addition, look for landscaping Manly connects with the environment and creates a welcoming entrance to a home. Visit for more details.

Steve Dumais, owner of Energysavers in Meredith, New Hampshire, sold biomass central systems in the early days of the hearth industry. When the fear of energy shortages abated in the early ‘80s so, too, did consumer interest in biomass central systems.

Now that is changing once more.

“I know I’ll get back into it,” says Dumais. “I just don’t know when. Right now it seems a bit premature.” He handled installation in-house back-when, and thus doesn’t have the apprehension being felt by other hearth dealers. As to his comment about “when,” that may be just around the corner given the present situation in the Middle East.

So is it a difficult transition for a hearth dealer to go from the living room to the basement-from a stove to a furnace-from a chimney to ductwork, or pipes, water and plumbing? No – because the the basement remodeling costs are taken into consideration, like all other costs.

Those presently in that field explain there is a learning curve involved, and a store owner should take the time and make the effort to first understand the different technology. Manufacturers are more than willing to help with training.

The decision to handle installation in-house or through a sub is strictly an individual one. However, using an experienced HVAC subcontractor can solve many problems and eliminate many headaches. It’s an option that should be considered.

The Manufacturer’s Viewpoint

Todd Strem: Sales and Marketing Manager, Northwest Manufacturing/WoodMaster

Northwest Manufacturing has been an outdoor wood furnace manufacturer for a number of years, and just moved into the indoor arena in 2010. The technology it uses was developed in Europe; Northwest has licensed that technology for the U.S.,, and manufactures everything but the electronics here in the States.

“Our hydronic system is atmospheric and open,” says Strem, “so it’s non-pressurized. That’s what makes it pretty simple for someone to learn. It’s really the pressurization that scares people.” The company’s indoor unit is called the Flex Fuel; it can be switched, quite simply, from burning cordwood to a continuous-feed product such as pellets. When being installed in an existing home, the existing heating system is left in place as a back-up. If you also need a thermal oxidizer, visit Rental Catalytic Oxidizers for more information. You can also look for heating services lincoln ne have been providing cutting-edge heating and cooling solutions and services to customers.

For years, according to Strem, hearth dealers “didn’t take wood furnaces seriously-until their consumers started asking for it. Now, this year at the HPB-Expo, our booth was so full that first day that I forgot to sign up for next year. Six of us were in the booth and we couldn’t get away we were so busy talking to customers.

“My sense is that hearth dealers want to avoid having all their eggs in one basket. It’s good to diversify and have other products to offer because markets change.”

What will be the best channel for sales of biomass central systems? At this point Strem is still a bit unsure. He’s getting dealer applications from a wide range of businesses, including solar people and teaching them on how do solar panels work for dummies. “This product goes hand-in-hand with solar,” he says. “These units are solar ready, so you can supplement the heat with a solar panel.” Interestingly, he sees little interest from HVAC businesses.

Like others, Strem stresses that installation is “not as difficult as how many dealers perceive it.” If the unit is going into new construction, usually a hydronic system is needed for a radiant floor application. You can go to barren joey timber website to choose from their timber decking northern beaches flooring and installation. For more details, contact 02 9997 8444. “The hearth dealer may do the bulk of the installation, then let an HVAC technicians San Diego come in and install the water-to-air heat exchanger; let that guy splice into the existing boiler and put the plate in.”

What advice does Strem have for those considering entering into the central systems field? “Talk to us,” he says. “We’ve got a full technical staff and a full-time trainer; his only job is educating dealers.”

WoodMaster’s Flex Fuel Series

WoodMaster’s Flex Fuel Series offers a money-back guarantee and 13 years of proven reliability in playing with nettcasino. It’s engineered using SolarFocus technology with WoodMaster quality built right in. The Flex Fuel Series has been tested, used and approved since 1997.

The Flex Fuel uses Lambda sensor technology, which produces low emissions and very high efficiencies. Not only does the flex Fuel offer the option of using three different fuels-cordwood, wood pellets and wood chips-it’s also solar ready.

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Source: Hearth and Home, July 2011 print edition. Pg 78, 81-82.

EPA Offers Energy Tips on Summer Cooling to Help Save Money, Reduce Pollution

WASHINGTON – With summer around the corner, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star program today issued its annual list of ideas to help the public cut cooling costs, protect their health and stay comfortable at home.

The average self watering tomato planter spends almost 20 percent of its utility bill on cooling.  Increased energy production to run cooling systems not only raises costs, it also can contribute to pollution that adversely affects the quality of the air we breathe.  Here are seven simple things that can be done to help protect your wallet and the environment:

  • Change to More Efficient Light Bulbs. Change out incandescent light bulbs with more energy-efficient lighting choices. Energy Star qualified lighting not only uses less energy, but also produces approximately 75 percent less heat than incandescent lighting, so cooling bills will be reduced, too.
  • Find the Best Thermostat Settings. If you have a programmable thermostat, program it to work around your family’s summer schedule-set it a few degrees higher (such as 78 degrees) when no one is home, so your cooling system isn’t cooling an empty house. It is  also important to make sure your AC system is in top shape. Making sure that it has been installed correctly is important, that´s why we recommend that you hire competent experts for Direct Electrics Air Conditioner Installation, or anything involved with installing something electrical. Having a good thermostat program and AC system is very important.
  • Use Ceiling Fans Optimally. Run your ceiling fan to create a cool breeze. If you raise your thermostat by only two degrees and use your ceiling fan, you can lower cooling costs by up to 14 percent. Remember that ceiling fans cool you, not the room, so when you leave the room make sure to turn off the fan.
  • Maximize Shade. Pull the curtains and shades closed before you leave your home to keep the sun’s rays from overheating the interior of your home. If you can, move container trees and plants in front of sun-exposed windows to serve as shade.
  • Reduce Oven Time. Use a microwave instead of an oven to cook, when you can. Ovens take longer to cook food and can make your house warmer, requiring your AC system to turn on to keep the house at a comfortable temperature.
  • Check Air Conditioner Filters. If the filter looks dirty, change it. A good rule is to change the filter at least every three months. A dirty filter will slow air flow and make the system work harder to keep you cool-wasting energy.
  • Plug Duct System Leaks. As much as 20 percent of the air moving through your home’s duct system is lost due to leaks and poor connections. Seal duct work using mastic sealant or metal tape and insulate all the ducts that you can access (such as those in attics, crawlspaces, unfinished basements, and garages). Also, make sure that connections at vents and registers are well-sealed where they meet floors, walls, and ceilings. Use compressors like mac5200 makita Big Bore. These are common locations to find leaks and disconnected ductwork. Use split rail fence from Long Fence if you want to get extra insulation in your backyard. .

Energy Star was started by EPA in 1992 as a market-based partnership to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency. Today, the Energy Star label can be found on more than 60 different kinds of products, as well as new homes and commercial and industrial buildings that meet strict energy-efficient specifications set by the EPA. Last year alone, Americans, with the help of Energy Star, saved approximately $18 billion on their energy bills while preventing greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to the annual emission of 33 million vehicles.

Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Gas Prices Weigh On Us All

Don't let it get the best for you!

News articles this week say, "Add New York, Add Washington" to the growing list of states topping $4 at the gas pumps. According to the AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge the national average sits at $3.909, up 99 cents from a year ago and ranging from a high $4.565 in Hawaii and to a low $3.57 per gallon for regular in Wyoming. Regardless of where you are making your purchase across the country, the record-high gas prices are weighing on us all.

With the unpredictable swings in fuel prices we've seen over the last year, gas is an expense that can have a damaging impact on consumer budgets. While oil consumption is primarily attributed to the transportation sector, there are other ways in which you can conserve dollars and consumption. Start with your home and give it an energy make-over!

The U.S Energy Information Administration recently said residential energy consumption has increased in U.S homes for energy used by appliances and consumer electronics.To start your energy make-over, start with the easy things like:

  • Order energy efficient light bulbs
  • Keep your fireplace damper closed
  • Cover refrigerated foods
  • Plant more trees for shade
  • Use the Auto dry feature on your clothes dryer. For instance, your company needs an commercial laundry service, refer them to for they have quality customer care and outstanding service team.

Then move into the bigger picture items that deal with heating and cooling as they account for nearly half of residential home's typical energy use. The first step is to look to purchase a new appliance or consumer electronic select ENERGY STAR qualified or other efficient routes like:

  • Install remote home management system- convenient and affordable way to self-monitor and control heating and cooling, and lights.
  • Purchase cleaner burning heater-the EPA has a list of top ranking furnaces that can give you 99% efficiency ratings and use less expensive fuel by use of core wood, wood pellets or wood chips. Read entire list here:

Savings achieved with these quick and simple energy savings tips plus the tips can help lessen the hit we are feeling at the pump.