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WoodMaster Renovator Natural Energy heating system is an economical solution that burns abundant, renewable and affordable wood pellets. The Renovator is designed to convert your existing fossil fuel boiler/furnace system into a Natural Energy heating system. No need to replace that old outdated system when you can just Renovate it!

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Efficient heat from wood pellets that supports local economy.


  • Two sizes to choose from; 20 kW and 30 kW to fit most needs.
  • The 20 kW unit has approximately 68,000 BTU and can be fitted onto the Force 20.
  • The 30 kW unit has approximately 102,000 BTU for larger applications.
  • Automatic ignition for heat on demand.
  • Air Cleaned Firepot to help keep maintenance to a minimum and retain high efficiency.
  • Easily connects to existing systems, convert your fossil fuel heat to pellets for independence from foreign oil.
  • Fully automatic PLC for user friendly operation.
  • Low maintenance, just makes life easier.
  • Compact design that easily fits into tight areas.
  • Burn back protection to keep everyone safe.


Renovator Force Brochure


Cleaning the Burner

Manual cleaning is a simple process. Removal of the firepot takes only a few minutes. Below is a step by step process for burner removal. Always disconnect the power source first!

Renovator Force Brochure

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5 Year Limited Warranty